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“The Justice Dragon Dives”

By W.R. Miller


Into the deep the Justice Dragon plunged, after the tumbling golden necklace. In seconds the darkness would swallow it, to be lost forever to its human owner. But not if the Justice Dragon could help it. The super-saurian swept his wings. He doubled his speed. Reached forth his claws. And nabbed the golden trinket. Without breaking momentum, the scaly creature U-turned and swooshed back to the surface.

SPLASH! The waters exploded as he shot into the sky with his wings splayed wide, and he opened his mouth and uttered a triumphant “uuuRRRRRAAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!”

He swooped to an ocean liner, where a group of elegantly-dressed human beings watched from behind a rail. “It’s a dragon!” someone called.

“Yes, I am a dragon, but do not fear. I will not eat you,” the creature boomed.

Justice flapped eye-to-eye in front of a little girl in particular, who gaped upon him with widened eyes.

“This is yours, my dear.” Justice handed the necklace over to the little one.

“Thank you,” she said.

The Justice Dragon smiled, swept his wings, and away he flew with a grateful heart. To him, there was nothing better than helping those in need.

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