Greetings, my friend.

I call you my friend because that is what I wish you to be.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Justice Dragon. It is my duty to protect you—indeed, all of mankind, from the forces of evil which threaten us. These are forces—monsters, if you will—beyond your ability to fight against. But worry not. I shall fight on your behalf.

Why? Because I love human-people. I am in awe of your accomplishments. Through the centuries Man has developed great civilizations. Works of art. Music. Literature. Science. You have done things we dragons cannot do. We can only emulate that which you alone can create.

That is why I have learned to speak human tongues, if only a handful. For those languages unknown to me, misunderstandings abound when I fly to those countries. But it is my desire to learn more about mankind, whom I am sworn to protect.

Therefore, I am delighted to meet your acquaintance through this electric medium called a “website.” I am delighted because, being a dragon, people usually run from me, or else shoot at me with arrows and cannonballs. They do not understand that I am here to help them. To help you.

But as my friend, you understand. Wonderful! It is such a relief to speak with humans. If you have a question, use the button on the side margin to ask. If you offer encouragement, please do so.

If you have the power to help others, do so. There is no greater pleasure than helping those in need.

Your servant in the name of the Almighty,

The Justice Dragon