Do not be afraid. I am not going to eat you.

Yes, I understand your initial impression. Dragons are known for raiding crops, stealing cattle and burning villages to the ground. The very sight of us causes panic.

But there is a dragon dedicated to protecting human people. Me. I am the Justice Dragon.

What, you have never heard of me before now? That is understandable. For I battle (as much as I can) in areas beyond human notice. For it is not glory that I seek. I must avoid public attention, lest I succumb to the sin of pride. My satisfaction must come from benefitting others, in private.

Now that I have awakened in the 21st century, I have come across a scribe who believes my stories must be told, as a means of inspiring people to help others. And also, as a testimony that not all dragons are bad.

Very well. So be it.

You may ask, “What is a Justice Dragon?”

I will tell you.

Ages ago, there was a mortal being by the name of Nogginor. His mind could comprehend the secrets of science centuries ahead of human perception. He took pity upon mankind, threatened by the monsters that roamed the earth, and entrusted a dragon to fight on your behalf. Nogginor fashioned an armored battle-suit that enhanced a dragon’s speed, stamina and strength to a tremendous degree. Through the ages, Nogginor’s armor passed from Justice Dragon to Justice Dragon, to my father Rorshok, and now finally to me. It has become my duty to protect human-people from monsters and thwart the ways of the wicked.

You may wonder, “Where did I come from?”

I was born in the northern mountains of Italy in what you call the 16th century Anno Domini. I learned the words of English, and a handful of other European languages, at a secret enclave in England. As the human population expanded, we dragons would lose our homes. Some of us migrated to what was called the New World, or North America. I settled in the Pontowoc Mountains. There, I and a tribe of dragons became flash-frozen within the bowels of the earth. We entered hibernation slumber. Two centuries later, due to the earth heating in our vicinity, we woke. We found ourselves in a world of talking rocks and giant metal birds and projectiles that can devastate entire cities, as well as creamed confections on a cone. We are, you might say, fish out of water.

No matter. I shall continue my purpose. I will defend human-people from various monstrous threats, so you may exercise your noble pursuits and benefit your fellow beings.

Always remember, there is no greater pleasure than helping those in need.

Vade cum Deo.

Your friend,

The Justice Dragon